We like transparency!

We’re not only talking about our designs, regarding transparency. Although both Unregistered.gr and PiPESmag.com, are running on a (slightly modified for each) version of our custom Core theme. And it’s built as fully “fluid” and responsive – displaying everything correctly on (almost) each and every screen and device, with practically no graphics of its own.


You see, we use just code (specifically, HTMK/CSS’s ability to display some parts of a page as transparent) to “build” our Core theme’s appearance on the elements of the content itself.

The post’s “featured” images are displayed as an image wall on the front page and each “index” page, offering the visitor a Netflix-like experience when browsing our pages.

Each post can have an image (or more through some “hacky” code) as a “wallpaper”, and be “aligned” in different parts of the screen, giving the impression of a magazine-like reading experience.

But we also like transparency in the way we work. That’s why we’ll try to offer some blog updates on stuff we’ll be working on from time to time, or even offer tips, bits of information and advice.

Or talk about our adventures in coding. And offer snippets of code. This is only the beginning.

Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be..!

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