We like transparency!

We're not only talking about our designs, regarding transparency. Although both Unregistered.gr and PiPESmag.com, are running on a (slightly modified for each) version of our custom Core theme. And it's built as fully fluid and responsive - displaying everything correctly on (almost) each and every screen and device, with practically no graphics of its

PiPES magazine

All the news you (never knew you) wanted from an alternate reality Greece (and Earth, and Universe, and... ok, we'll stop here). Find it by clicking here - but, like unregistered.gr, it's also in


Blog dealing with everything that could be of interest to a geek - from gaming and movie news to reviews of Princess Leia's bikini clones you can find on specialized e-shops. Find it here, but keep in mind it will all be Greek to you. No, really - it's in