Ah, those were the times! We were playing International Karate+ on a “machine” with the first commercial work of Bill Gates! No, not a PC with Windows, but a Commodore 64 – its basic was “created by Microsoft”, years before their name went mainstream. Yeah, “that’s how old we are”, but nope, we ain’t obsolete sonny, since we kept up with the times!

For more than 30 years we’re “playing” with the best in tech, either professionally (it’s our job after all) or in every other second of our life (ah, yes, we forgot to mention that “our job is our life is our job is our life”).

That’s why we’re the best in writing about “Everything Tech” (-related), from the latest OS in the PC world to “that silly game on Android your daughter went nuts about”. And everything between (or somewhere around).

But yeah, yeah, we get it, our word is not enough. Everyone can say “He Knows Stuffen” (until he’s proven a worthless maggot, crawling in the dirt of ignorance – it’s a special kind of dirt, usually imported from abroad). Well, he’s not one of us.

Pick two of the four best technology-related magazines in Greece. We were the people behind some (if not most) of their most-read articles. Many of their cover stories. Some answers to members of their readership who kept worrying their WiFi would give cancer to their dog (it won’t). Things like that.

We wrote reviews in Greece’s (sadly former) premier PC gaming magazine. We wrote movie reviews. An extensive collection of tutorials. More than 10.000 (yeah, that’s a five digit number) posts in a five year period and two unreleased poems one of our cousins said he liked. Nah, he didn’t. We keep them locked in a drawer.

It’s all of the above that gives us hope that although we start only with content, maybe in the near future we’ll be able to expand. To provide you with special, easy-to-implement-and-use WordPress themes as well as additional blogging / publishing tools and services. For that, though, we’ll have to widen our focus (and add some members to our team). Until then, our focus will stay on content.